Pensionbrief Report

2020 Trustees has built up an enviable reputation with Insolvency Practitioners thanks to our no nonsense collaborative approach to pensions issues.

Dealing with a pension scheme can be daunting for an Insolvency Practitioner (IP) as the full extent of a company’s pension commitments can be difficult for a non-pensions professional to understand. By working with 2020 Trustees these matters can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Our team offers a rapid and cost effective reporting service, and follow that up with trusteeship services to see a pension scheme through to its conclusion.

We provide a report for each scheme which will tell you:

  • The type of arrangement and its structure, including membership and auto enrolment details;
  • A full audit of the immediate and impending issues that must be resolved;
  • A clear presentation of the available resolutions (some of which we provide services for);
  • An executive summary that sets out the main considerations and the necessary actions.

Our report is provided at a fixed cost (£250+VAT) per scheme. It provides a thorough assessment of any work required to complete the winding up of the scheme and the service can be extended to allow us to handle the wind-up of the pension scheme either as a trustee or agent of the trustees.

If you are interested in any of our services, please contact us by emailing where we will be happy to assist you.