Insolvency & Trusteeship – TrustEase Services

Our Trustee Wind-up service, TrustEase, is designed to speed up the process of winding up company pension schemes and to reduce the overall cost and risk in an insolvency appointment.

TrustEase relieves Insolvency Practitioners of the pension scheme burden by allowing the Insolvency Practitioner to appoint 2020 Trustees as an independent trustee in lieu of those responsible for the scheme.

This eliminates the Insolvency Practitioner’s involvement with the pension scheme and transfers all of the risk of acting as trustee to 2020 Trustees.

We arrange for the production of a Deed of Appointment and Removal of Trustees which is signed by the Insolvency Practitioner and ourselves appointing 2020 as Scheme Trustees.

IPs will then have no legal liability left in the Scheme, enabling the administration and/or liquidation to be closed.

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