Transactional situations

Corporate transactions can lead to a significant erosion of value and security for Trustees, Scheme members and employers alike.

It’s not a time for the faint hearted.

When deals are done and money changes hands, value for Trustees and Scheme members can be lost forever if the appropriate mitigation is not sought and delivered.

Successfully navigating the potential pitfalls requires a sharp focus, an understanding of what really matters, excellent communication skills, some creative thinking, and an ability to work under pressure (sometimes with hostile parties) to achieve a sensible and balanced outcome.

Our independence compels us to take the lead on Trustee matters, directing others when we need to, and making decisions based on what we believe is the right thing to do.

We understand that issues are often not straightforward, especially when it comes to assessing potential value eroding situations during periods of corporate change.

We do not therefore slavishly hide behind advisers or regulatory guidance in our engagement with current and potential sponsors and other stakeholders in transaction situations.

Our skills and reputation in this area have led to us being appointed to numerous cases, often on a short term basis, to strengthen Trustee boards during the transaction negotiations.

See how our real life case studies have made a difference, or give us a call to discuss how we can help you.