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20-20 Trustees is a leading independent trustee firm with a nationwide presence.  We have been providing professional independent trustee and governance expertise to pension schemes of all sizes, strengths and sectors for over 40 years.  We are also members of the Pension Protection Fund’s Trustee and Support Services Panel and The Pensions Regulator’s register of Independent Trustees.

It is our people, our approach and our drive to achieve positive outcomes for schemes that truly differentiate us.

Our people

Our Directors, a number of whom are pioneers within the pensions sector, are all industry professionals who bring their extensive advisory experience to bear, whether in a trust (sole trustee, single trust or master trust) or contract setting (IGC, GA, Governance Committee Chair), or effectively engaging with The Pensions Regulator and Pension Protection Fund to achieve positive outcomes on behalf of the scheme and members.

Our Trustee Directors and Associates join us at the height of their careers. They have been selected for their energy, decisiveness and relationship skills, as much as for their expertise in a wide range of pension specialities, creating a unique and distinctive team which truly differentiates us from our peers. We also believe that, across any measure, we have one of the most diversely-experienced groups of Trustee Directors.

This diversity of background and thought allows us to bring the best possible solutions to the specific challenges that each scheme and sponsor may be facing. Our unique thinking, willingness to challenge the status quo, and our collaborative and collective approach gives our clients access to an unparalleled pool of knowledge and expertise.

The other differentiator in relation to our team is our support organisation, made through our team of highly experienced Trustee Consultants.  Each of our clients has a dedicated Trustee Consultant helping provide operational excellence and high-quality governance.

We are proud of the operating model we have developed; demonstrating time and again that we can improve efficiency, drive down cost and reduce risk.  In many cases, we have played a key role in saving businesses and helping members improve their entitlements.

Other firms are now starting to develop a similar approach, however, we believe we have a depth and breadth of talent and expertise which is one of the best in the market.

Our approach

At 20-20 Trustees, we don’t just sit on the Board and make the occasional intervention. We see our role as the driver of scheme business, the conduit to resolve conflicts and the force behind unblocking problems. As such, collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We communicate openly with sponsors, employers and providers and seek to understand their position whilst making our own views and the needs of the members clear. We work with advisers, challenging where necessary, and are willing to introduce and embrace innovative ideas.

Positive outcomes

Through innovation, flexibility and a willingness to stand up for what we believe, we have played a key role in saving companies and jobs, as well as crucially improving member outcomes. This applies to all of our trusteeship appointments and has resulted in an industry reputation for identifying solutions and resolving complex situations.  We deliver these results through pragmatic decision-making, translating complexity into effective action, cost-effective implementation and pioneering solutions.  We create and maintain constructive relationships between all parties and ensure optimal outcomes for all involved by challenging advisers to focus on key issues, negotiating with sponsors robustly and commercially and ensuring members are well represented and receive value for money.

20-20 Trustees is a living wage employer

We have been accredited as a Living Wage Employer. This means that we have made a living wage commitment to ensure that everyone working at 20-20 Trustees will receive at least a minimum hourly wage of £9.90 in the UK or £11.05 in London. Both rates are significantly higher than the government minimum for over 23s, which currently stands at £9.50 per hour.

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