18th Mar 2020

Important information for our clients on our response to COVID-19

I would first like to express the hope that you and your family are and remain healthy. To anyone whose family has been directly impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19), we offer our thoughts for a full and swift recovery. This pandemic is unprecedented and we are in a global fight to slow the impact down. It is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people and having a significant impact on the global economy.

While COVID-19 is new and some of the challenges it poses are unique, our commitment remains the same; to work for the best outcomes for the members of our schemes and their sponsors. We are monitoring the coronavirus situation very closely and continually evolving our response to make sure we still provide appropriate levels of service to our clients and also protect the wellbeing of all our staff.

Following the latest advice from the government and public health authorities, we have activated our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and will be implementing the following measures:

Service continuity

We have moved all 20-20 Trustees staff across all of our locations to a remote-working model (see below).

We will be making provisions to collect and deal with any incoming post and have forwarded landlines but would ask that where possible you utilise email for communications with us during these times.

This is a fast-evolving situation and should any further changes be made to our operating model during this time then we shall inform you as soon as possible.

Remote working

To protect the welfare of our staff, we have and are continuing to implement appropriate protocols to enable staff to work from home irrespective of their location.

Our investment in platforms over the past few years has enabled staff to work from home and will ensure, wherever possible, that we are able to meet our clients’ needs and continue to deliver critical services.

Data security remains of utmost concern to us. Employees working remotely will be using our Virtual Private Network (VPN), ensuring that private, sensitive, and protected information remains secure.

Non-essential business travel

All non-essential business travel has been discontinued until further notice.

All of our staff have the capability to use teleconference and video conference facilities which will enable us to remain in close contact with you and host and attend virtual meetings.

Wellbeing of staff and clients

Throughout our history we have put our clients first, helping them navigate through a range of challenges. We are confident the measures we are implementing will enable us to continue to serve you with minimal interruption, provide the level of service and support expected from 20-20 Trustees whilst ensuring the safety of our staff.

Our Senior Management team meets on a daily basis to discuss any changes required to our BCP or if any further preventative measures need to be taken to protect the welfare of our staff. All staff are regularly communicated with to provide them with the most recent and relevant advice and guidance from the government/NHS.


We will keep you updated with any changes to our strategy as well as key information pertinent to our schemes and members. Please continue to contact us through our usual channels if you have any questions at all.