11th Jan 2023

Private Markets Investor Event (March 2023)

Trustee Director Martin Collins kicks off an already busy 2023 with his second speaking event of the year, as he attends the Private Markets Investor event, taking place over the 28th and 29th of March.

The two-day London event will cover the various different areas for the full decision making unit across operational strategy, investment management, and asset allocation, including two main forums:

  • The Private Market Operations Forum looks at the operations, technology, and data challenges facing fund groups as they seek to broaden their investment operations to attract the large inflows of capital.
  • The Private Markets Investment Forum focuses on investment group leaders of pension funds and insurers and how they accordingly manage their investment portfolios incorporating illiquid securities into them, plus private market considerations in DC scheme set ups for pension managers, trustees, and consultants.

Click below to see Martin’s Pre-Summit Interview, in the build-up to the big day!

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