01st Jul 2022

Here’s One I Made Earlier!

This year marks 20-20 Trustees 40th birthday. From humble beginnings to almost tripling in size since 2017, we’re meeting the team that help make the magic happen. Come on down, Alison Pearson!

My first job was as a Paper Girl. The best thing was the Christmas tips; The worst was adding 17 leaflets into each paper every morning!

Growing up I wanted to be a Blue Peter presenter. You may have guessed that already!

If I was to describe 20-20 Trustees in three words: Progressive, caring and professional.

Outside of work, I enjoy running, netball, socialising, and sorting my kids out!

My friend gave me 40 bottles of beer. It was at a house party, for my 40th birthday (he’d brewed it himself!)

Running trainers
Alison can be found regularly donning her running trainers!

I’d invite Michelle Obama, Kathy Burke and Harry Styles to a dinner party. Why? Michelle is inspirational, funny and has good arms. Kathy is hilarious, clever and honest. And Harry is just lovely!

I support Manchester City. My favourite player was Sergio Aguero, for obvious reasons. Agueroooooo!

We have a hamster called Chock Simon Pearson. Chock because he is chocolate coloured, although I’ve no idea why his middle name is Simon… He’s also very good at escaping!

The industry has evolved with technology. No longer do we use a number wheel made out of cardboard to calculate periods of service!

Do what makes you happy! That would be my advice to my younger self.

With over 40 years-experience in trusteeship, 20-20 Trustees is an award-winning professional independent trustee organisation, committed to making a difference in the world of pensions. Whatever your trustee requirement, we’re sure we can help. Get in touch today!