23rd Sep 2022

Fore, Tees and Forties!

This year marks 20-20 Trustees 40th birthday. From humble beginnings to almost tripling in size since 2017, we’re meeting the team that make the magic happen. Next up’s Trustee Director Chris Halewood.

I work as a professional trustee. I’m appointed to around 15 schemes that I would call small to medium sized. The job involves making sure the schemes are managed and governed in line with the regulatory requirements, and in the best interest of their members.

I used to be a keen golfer in my youth. I still enjoy the odd game here and there. Other interests include gardening, and a bit of low-level DIY – Like plasterboarding my ceiling and walls (although I got a professional in to do the actual plastering!)

Fore! My first ever summer job when I left school was working on Bromborough golf course. It involved raking bunkers, repairing divot marks on tee boxes and fairways, and driving a tractor around cutting the rough – it was great fun – I wasn’t allowed to drive the mowers to cut the greens though… beyond my pay grade at 16 years old!

The three people I’d invite to a dinner party. I’d say Stephen Fry, Gyles Brandreth and Dara Ó Briain. I’d struggle to get a word in edgeways with those three (so no shortage of conversation there).  

My wife took me on a weekend trip to Rome. It was for my 40th. It’s a wonderful city but I’m glad I was born in Feb as opposed to July… as much more tolerable temperatures!

The Colosseum in Rome
The spectacular Colosseum in Rome.

Doing a good job for clients. That’s my motivation, especially when it involves solving problems or challenges.

My favourite curry is a Murgh Batwar. It’s chicken tikka and minced lamb in a medium spiced sauce (not as hot as a madras but enough of a kick). Curry trivia: This dish was originally created for the lancers of the royal Indian cavalry.

‘Big enough to cope, small enough to care’. That’s how I’d describe 20-20 in three words (ok, it’s not three words but anyone who knows me will accept that this was a short answer!)

We’ve been to Zante 8 times. We tend to head to the same place in Greece for our family holiday. We know a really-quiet part and relatively unspoilt by tourists… So I won’t tell you the specific place!

Keeping in the know. Russelldene Consulting send me their weekly updates that give a high-level overview of a wide variety of topics such as pensions, tax, financial planning, government policy etc. I also get regular updates from all the major consultancy and legal firms – although there’s almost too many to read!

With over 40 years-experience in trusteeship, 20-20 Trustees is an award-winning professional independent trustee organisation, committed to making a difference in the world of pensions. Whatever your trustee requirement, we can help. Get in touch today!