Angela Connally

Business Development Assistant (+44) 07926 086 674

Angela joined 20-20 Trustees in 2019 and is based in the North-West. She has twenty years’ experience in business development and project management roles across both the private and non-profit sectors.

Prior to joining 20-20 Trustees, Angela worked at EY Riverview Law in a project management role supporting the implementation of legal technology solutions to Fortune 500 law firms. She started her career as a project manager working for a non-profit organisation focused on community and neighbourhood regeneration and then spent 12 years in the US working in business development for a technology company, helping expand their footprint across North America.

Angela’s current role supports 20-20 Trustees in being appointed to pension schemes where our team can help define and execute the best possible journeys forward. She draws on her international experience of growing a business, well-honed project management skills and deep sense of purpose and community to ensure 20-20 Trustees is in a position to help plans and sponsors keep their promises to members.

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