Complex funding structures

Scheme funding arrangements are a critical aspect of effective trusteeship, and finding the right balance between the demands of the various stakeholders can be especially challenging. Our brief as a trustee is simple:

Delivering in the current pensions environment needs some intelligent thinking.

We must serve the best interests of scheme members whilst recognising the competing demands on the sponsor’s resources. Our key trustee directors all have many years of pensions experience, in an advisory or trustee capacity, dealing with a diverse range of schemes, sponsors and economic cycles. This background allows 20-20 Trustees to look beyond the industry and actuarial jargon, and focus instead on the key risk areas that underpin the decision-making process.

Our funding considerations do of course link to sponsor’s covenant and investment strategy matters, but it is our insight, creativity, pragmatism, focus and drive that allow us to filter the noise and facilitate agreement on a timely, efficient and cost-effective basis. We are equally at home taking short term appointments to resolve difficult one-off situations or conflicts, as we are with taking a longer-term ongoing Trustee role.

Our practical experience encompasses a wide range of funding solutions, covering relatively simple contribution agreements to more complicated arrangements with group and other guarantees, contingent assets, investment strategy modifications, asset-backed solutions, escrow accounts, compromise agreements and other distress or low cash-affordability related solutions.

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