Efficiency Reviews

Maximising value through management of the detail

2020 Trustees monitor and review advisers to ensure they never stop working hard for their money.

Pension Scheme Trustees are guardians of significant amounts of money, often billions of pounds. But that is no excuse for complacency when it comes to the costs of running the scheme’s affairs.

Adviser fees, fund management charges, and asset performance all impact on member outcomes and experiences, and on costs to the sponsor.

2020 Trustees has significant experience in managing these costs, and we are adept at distinguishing good value from exploitation.

Administration standards and methods, actuarial techniques and ideas, investment approaches are all continually changing. 2020 Trustees lead the way in effecting change by continuously challenging all those involved in the scheme to work harder and do things better.

2020 Trustees will carry out an efficiency review on appointment, drilling down through all of the Scheme’s processes and governance to maximise value to the Scheme.

Our services cover many areas, including :

Complex Funding Issues

21st Century Independent Trusteeship



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