Independent Trusteeship

21st Century Trustees - A modern approach to legacy challenges

Professional independent trusteeship that enables conflicts to be managed and member outcomes improved.

Pension schemes have developed from a useful HR and remuneration tool, to legacy arrangements associated with financial strain and headache. Trustees who are also company directors, shareholders or members all have their own axes to grind – a professional independent trusteeship rises above all of that.

At 2020 Trustees, we don’t just sit on the Trustee board and occasionally ‘chip-in’. We see our role as the driver of trustee business, the conduit to resolve conflicts, the force behind unblocking problems that become ‘stuck’.

Our reputation for fair but rigorous negotiation with sponsors is industry recognised, demonstrated by our active role with the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) in pre-distress situations. This experience gives us a unique advantage in ongoing trustee situations, manifested through our wider appreciation that a strong and long term viable corporate sponsor is often the best outcome members can hope to achieve.

Our services cover many areas, including :

Complex Funding Issues

Efficiency Reviews





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