28th Sep 2021

20-20 Trustees wins Independent Trustee of the Year at UK Pensions Awards 2021

20-20 Trustees were awarded Independent Trustee of the Year at the 2021 UK Pensions Awards, hosted by Professional Pensions.

We are delighted to win the award considering the high level of competition in this category and given the level of prestige associated with the award.

Managing Director Naomi L’Estrange commented, “As a team, we are continually looking to make a positive difference in the world of pensions so it was great to receive recognition of that hard work that the whole team has done over another challenging year for everyone”.

The award was recognition for work the team has done across a number of high-profile schemes, as well as our innovation within the pensions market with our efficient and robust sole trustee model and the first of its kind capital-backed journey plan.

It was a great night for the team and the industry as a whole with so many people able to attend in person this year.

There was a tremendous amount of talent represented in every category and on the winners list so congratulations to all the nominees and those who won on the night.