At 2020 Trustees, we go beyond just being compliant and acting in the best interest of the members. Pension schemes are faced with complex and significant challenges.  At 2020 Trustees, we pro-actively manage all those involved in running schemes to extract maximum value for the members.

We challenge advisers to focus on key issues.

We negotiate with sponsors robustly and commercially.

We fight for members to receive value for money and be well represented.

2020 Trustees have a national reputation for identifying solutions and fixing complex situations, particularly in distressed cases.  This experience and approach transcends across to all of our trusteeship appointments.

Our representatives come largely from the highly regarded actuarial profession, with its reputation for rigorous analysis, clarity of thought and sense of proportion and fairness. Our financial acumen and long term outlook gives us a significant advantage over our competitor trustee firms. In short, 2020 Trustees offer a refreshingly dynamic approach to pension scheme trusteeship.


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