05th Aug 2022

A Cat, Dog and Tiger!

This year marks 20-20 Trustees 40th birthday. From humble beginnings to almost tripling in size since 2017, we’re meeting the team that help make the magic happen. Next up, it’s James Chalk.

I’m an Associate Director at 20-20. I’m part of the restructuring and transactions group. My time is split between regular trustee activity and corporate transactions/restructuring situations.

I love being a trustee! The people I work with and being able to make a real difference are my favourite things about working at 20-20. They are a collaborative, friendly bunch!

Growing up I wanted to be a Rally driver. Failing that a car designer.

My first job was at BHS. I spent a few hours in the café cutting hot baguettes and policing the queue for tables. It wasn’t for me, so I went back to Menswear!

For my 40th birthday, I was at a pitch in London. I was with Catherine Williams! For the real celebrations, I had some time off for a little spa break over the weekend.

Freshly cooked baguettes
Too hot to handle!

If I could invite anyone to dinner. It would be Tiger Woods (sporting hero), Stephen Hawking (love a bit of theoretical physics), and Tom Hanks (favorite actor – Big was his best work).

I feel the force. I’m currently watching Obi-Wan Kenobi. Oh, and Schitt’s Creek (again)…!

The last app I downloaded was Star Walk 2. It’s a stargazing app – basically you point at the sky and it shows you what star constellations you can see (and nothing to do with Darth Vader or Death Stars).

I’m more a cat person. They’re less noisy than dogs. That said I have one of each: Lucy (the dog) and Binx (the cat)… can you guess the film reference for a bonus point?!

Believe in yourself! That would be my advice to my younger self.

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