15th Apr 2020

Helping Trustees navigate through the minefield of COVID-19 implications: 20-20 Trustees are ready to assist

Since our inception in 2013, 20-20 Trustees (“20-20”) has worked extensively in the restructuring and pre-insolvency area, working closely with both The Pensions Regulator (TPR) and The Pension Protection Fund (PPF). We have a reputation for making the best of challenging situations and have been involved in numerous distressed situations, many of which have either been rescued or achieved funding levels that have kept them out of the PPF, and others which have ended up transitioning into the PPF.

Our experience covers the whole spectrum from stretched funding plans and solvent restructurings, with associated transactions involving Flexible Apportionment Arrangements, Schemes of Arrangement, Regulated Apportionment Arrangements, Company Voluntary Arrangements and even debt for equity swaps.

We have already seen a number of requests for deferment of Deficit Reduction Contributions and are helping Trustees liaise with employers to work through the criteria set by TPR in its recent guidance. We are happy to be appointed on a full-time basis as an Independent Trustee to the Trustee Board, or simply be employed for a limited period and reduce/cease our involvement once matters hopefully return to normal. Alternatively, we can act in a consultancy capacity as required. Whatever route is adopted, we would be delighted, as a precursor, to have an informal chat with Trustees and/or employers at short notice and on a no-cost basis to outline the benefits of using 20-20 to assist in these unprecedented times.

Our team consists of several professionals who have considerable experience and expertise in dealing with distressed employers such as Kevin Dolan and Julia Yates.