Antony Miller

Founder & Head of Strategy

Antony established 20-20 Trustees and took it from a standing start to one of the leading professional trustee firms in the UK. Previously CEO, he decided in 2018 to focus on clients and strategy and remains a shareholder of the wider business.

Antony has a reputation for success including being awarded Professional Pensions ‘Professional Trustee of the Year’ in 2017. He has been parachuted in to many challenging situations, including several high profile cases, and always manages to find the best overall outcome for members and other stakeholders. He believes that only by communicating properly and understanding the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders, one can find the best way forward.

Antony has successfully grown three separate companies from standing starts. He also acquired two companies, one of which needed turning around before being sold as a profitable entity. This gives him a unique insight into understanding corporates, PE firms and other entrepreneurs.

With over 30 years in the business and nearly 20 years as a professional trustee, Antony has significant experience in most areas. His main specialisms are with:

– regulated industries (utilities and energy sectors)

– facilitating compromised settlements for stressed and distressed situations

– defusing tensions between trustee and corporate boards

– managing situations with active regulatory engagement

– commercial consolidation and buyout

– sales and transactions

His clients have included the Maxwell pensions schemes, Silentnight, Southern Water, SuperFund, Telent and Toshiba pension schemes, amongst many others.

Antony is a passionate supporter of a number of charitable causes with which he is actively involved.

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