16th Dec 2020

Coming soon… ‘Secret Diaries of a Pensions Manager’

Ever wondered what a Pensions Manager actually does, and why? Wonder no more as a new series for 2021 reveals the inside track in a refreshingly honest new blog series: The Secret Diaries of a Pensions Manager. 

This much-anticipated programme will blow open the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle of the mild-mannered Pensions Manager who beavers away behind the scenes to set pensions strategy and ensure its delivery. It will delve into the dramatic web of the pension ecosystem, uncovering the complex dynamics of members, unions, company executives, trustees and advisers, and explore how decisions are made and things get done. This new blog promises to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to know and never dared to ask.

I’m going to share my key insights of 30 plus years’ experience as a Pensions Manager and Professional Trustee. This is a unique moment in time; with the continued increase of closures of trust-based schemes and the growing cost pressures of the pandemic, we’re likely to see the role of the Pensions Manager evolve to meet this changing pension landscape.

Each blog offers a perfectly crafted 10-minute read for Finance Directors, Human Resources Directors and pension advisers who may find themselves taking on an ever-greater proportion of the Pensions Manager role and responsibilities. Delivered without any complicated jargon in digestible bite-size chunks, readers of the Diaries will be able to impress others with their new-found knowledge as they navigate the competing priorities under ever-increasing scrutiny and pressure.

Coming to a device near you in 2021:

1. Understanding the business model, key stakeholders and setting strategic priorities

2. Industrial relations and Trade Union interactions

3. Managing advisers

4. Operations

5. Working with the Pensions Manager

Join me and others as we explore the art of listening and walking in the shoes of company executives charged with running both a pension scheme and a business each day. Through understanding, we can better serve and ultimately achieve.

If you have any areas you would like to see uncovered in the Secret Diaries, do let me know. In the meantime, enjoy the festive season and have a happy and healthy new year.

Contact: stuart.walters@2020trustees.co.uk